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Daphne Odora (Winter Daphne).

Hope ya'll are having a great fall season 2015! 
Breaking Ground Farm and Nursery still has an amazing selection of winter bedding plants mums, pansies, snapdragons (one of my favorite) and ornamental plants to give a color pop to your fall borders, walkways, patios and containers or anywhere in  your yard or garden.  Don't miss the selection or the best prices found anywhere around.
I'm excited to tell everyone about November's highlighted plant, Daphne Odora (Winter Daphne).

Daphne Odora is an evergreen shrub native to China, Japan and Korea but grows well in our southern zones in Georgia (zones 7-9). What makes this winter shrub so special is the sweet fragrance of fleshy pale-pink tubular flower clusters that bloom winter through early spring December, January and February when the winter landscape is bare of foliage and blooms. This evergreen shrub grows in a slightly mounded shape 3 to 4 feet high and the same in width.
Horticulturists and avid gardeners often call Daphne Odora the "Siren of the Plant World," due it's seductive perfumed fragrance from the flowers available in the dead of winter and also named after the "Sirens" in Greek Mythology that lured sailors to their rocky island coast with flowers, beauty and music. 

Daphne Odora is also quite deer resistant due to the thick glossy leaves. Once established there is no better plant that likes no fuss (no watering, light fertilizing and little pruning) and will give your garden or yard the best show in winter.

*Water - Once roots are established and new growth is evident only water during dry spells. Water when first planting.
*Fertilize and Pruning - Fertilize only after your plant blooms in winter or early spring. Pruning is the same and only prune lightly anytime. Most plants will have fertilizer added when the grower initially pots the plant.


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*Planting -  Take care in the spot you plant your Daphne. It refers dappled shade, morning sun and more shade in the evening. Plant somewhere to get the full benefit of the sweet fragrance and beautiful blooms. Once roots are established do not transplant which will disturb root growth in the future. Winter Daphne doesn't like the disruption.
*Soil - This is a must to follow. Well drained, fertile, slightly acidic soil is best. As with all new plants, dig your hole two to three times bigger than the container. Add some gravel at the bottom for extra drainage. use good soil and plant on a mound never submerge the root ball too deep.